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2016 – A Year of Growth!

2015 was an incredible year that witnessed extensive changes at Assessment Systems! CERTIFIOR REBUILT Certifior, our credentialing management platform, was substantially rebuilt with a number of new modules, including Recertification and CE tracking.  Certifior allows organizations to easily manage all kinds of credentialing programs: certification, certificates, recertification exams, practice exams, microcredentials, and state-based licensure.  Visit […]

Doing it Right: Essentials for Online Testing

If you are looking around for an online testing system, you have certainly discovered there are many out there.  How do you choose?  Well, for starters, it is important to understand that the range of quality and sophistication is incredible.  This post will help you identify some salient features and benefits that you should consider […]

Interpreting item statistics from classical test theory

Our psychometric software is widely used around the world, and I often receive questions on how to interpret the output.  Below is a discussion on interpreting item statistics from classical test tehory, adapted from the Iteman manual.  We will be publishing additional posts on other topics like distractor analysis and item response theory, but you can […]

10 ways to improve your assessment with psychometrics

Education, to me, is the neverending opportunities we have for a cycle of instruction and assessment.    This can be extremely small scale (watching a YouTube video on how to change a bike tire, then doing it) to large scale (teaching a 5th grad math curriculum and then assessing it nationwide).  Psychometrics is the Science of […]

Interpreting IRT cutscores

Some time ago, I received this question regarding interpreting IRT cutscores (item response theory): In my examination system, we are currently labeling ‘FAIL’ for student’s mark with below 50% and ‘PASS’ for 50% and above.  I found that this amazing Xcalibre software can classify students’ achievement in 2 groups based on scores.  But, when I […]

Minnetonka named top city for entrepreneurs

Assessment Systems is located in Minnetonka, MN, just outside Minneapolis.  Our location provides many advantages, including a highly skilled tech workforce, the benefits of being near Minneapolis without having to be in it, connections to the University of Minnesota, and being in the center of the surprisingly large cluster of the assessment industry located in Minnesota. […]

Test Fraud in Minnesota Schools

Local Newspaper Discusses Test Fraud The St. Paul Pioneer Press recently published an article on instances of test fraud and security breaches experienced in K-12 assessments in the State of Minnesota (where Assessment Systems is located).  The article does a good job at explaining some of the issues:   The root issue is that the […]