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August, 2010

I spent yesterday presenting at the Minnesota Assessment Conference.  My congratulations and thanks to the folks at the Minnesota Department of Education for again organizing a wonderful event with a huge range of topics, from technical psychometric issues all the way to practical district-level topics.  ASC’s plans for upcoming conferences include the CLEAR conference (Sept.  […]

Iteman 4.1 ; FastTest Web Update

This post finds me writing from Arnhem, The Netherlands, home of Cito and host to the IACAT 2010 conference.  I’m looking forward to hearing some of the excellent CAT research that is happening around the world.  The conference has 130 participants from approximately 45 countries – and the organization is only one year old!   […]

May 2010- FastTest Web, Iteman 4

May, 2010 As of May 5, FastTEST Web is now available to the public!  Please visit www.fasttestweb.com to see some of the features and watch a video of it in action.  We continue to add new features every day – so if there is something you would like to see in an online test development […]

Iteman 4 and FastTest Web Release

After more than a year of development, Iteman 4 is now ready for release!  A second beta version was announced to our mailing list in late March.  Given the positive feedback, the complete version will be released to the public during the week of April 5.  An announcement will be sent to the mailing list […]

IRT and CAT Around the World

I just got back from another workshop on IRT and CAT, this one at the Universita G. d’Annunzio, Chieti, Italy.  Many thanks to Aristide Saggino and Roberta Romanelli for doing such a great job organizing this workshop!  It was truly an international affair, with participants from the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, […]

February 2010

IACAT Deadline First thing to note this month: the deadline for proposals to present at IACAT 2010 is February 15, 2010.   New research I added a good amount of research to the ASC research page, http://www.assess.com/psychometric-research/.  There are now links to 15 published articles, technical reports, white papers, and conference presentations.  Please peruse if […]

Welcome to our new blog!

ASC now has a new blog, as you have probably surmised if you are here!  This blog will be used to discuss both news at ASC (new software, tips on interpreting output, etc.) as well as topics of interest to the testing community in general (stories in the news, upcoming conferences, etc.).  Check back every […]

IACAT 2010

One of the most important developments in psychometrics during 2009 was the founding of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT).  IACAT’s mission is to encourage scholarly efforts and education regarding adaptive testing.  Learn more at www.iacat.org. IACAT’s first meeting will be in June 2010.  The call for papers (released in November 2009) is […]