machine learning in psychometrics

Machine Learning in Psychometrics: Old News?

In the past decade, terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence,…
psychometric forensics, conference on test security, data forensics, test fraud

Can we call it Psychometric Forensics?

An emerging sector in the field of psychometrics is the area…
conference on test security

2017 Conference on Test Security

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Conference…
2017 IACAT Conference

All Psychometric Models Are Wrong

The British statistician George Box is credited with the quote,…
Adaptive testing conference

Want to learn more about adaptive testing? Attend IACAT.

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is an incredibly important…
cognitive diagnostic models

What are cognitive diagnostic models?

Cognitive diagnostic models are an area of psychometric research…
item response theory

How do I implement item response theory?

I recently received a email from a researcher that wanted to implement…

Guttman Errors: Additional Insight into Examinees

Guttman errors are a concept derived from the Guttman Scaling…
student essay rubric

What is a rubric?

What is a rubric? It's a rule for converting unstructured responses…