machine learning in psychometrics

Machine Learning in Psychometrics: Old News?

In the past decade, terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence,…
2017 IACAT Conference
Adaptive testing conference

Want to learn more about adaptive testing? Attend IACAT.

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is an incredibly important…
item response theory

What is item response theory?

Item response theory (IRT) represents an important innovation…

The 3 best approaches for IRT equating

If you are delivering high stakes tests in linear forms - or…

10 ways to improve your assessment with psychometrics

Education, to me, is the neverending opportunities we have for…

Assessment Systems Team Ready to Take on 2015!

On Friday January 9th  the Assessment Systems team met to discuss…

Assessment Systems to Speak at Adaptive Testing Summit

The International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing…
subject matter experts

San Francisco Schools Implement Adaptive Testing

The San Francisco Examiner has published a highly cogent article,…
subject matter experts

Recent article on adaptive testing in medicine

Adaptive testing in medicine is one of the newer applications…