psychometrics in a fog

What is psychometrics supposed to be doing?

Today I read an article in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist…
ATP conference

Assessment Systems Speaks at ATP, the Top Conference of the Testing Industry

Every Spring, the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) hosts…

US Dept of Defense Requires that Military Certifications be Accredited

The United States Congress recently passed the 2016 National…
educational assessment

The "Opt-Out" Movement: Just What Exactly Do They Stand For?

I recently read a disturbing article in the New York Times regarding…

Connecticut Requires all 11th Graders to take the SAT

The State of Connecticut has enacted a new policy to require…

Test Fraud in Minnesota Schools

Local Newspaper Discusses Test Fraud The St. Paul Pioneer Press…
subject matter experts

Recent article on adaptive testing in medicine

Adaptive testing in medicine is one of the newer applications…

Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), the Future of K-12 Assessments

 Are states prepared?   Computerized Adaptive Testing…
Adaptive testing

Huffington Post: Adaptive Testing Enhances Test Security

The Huffington Post recently published an article discussing…
Adaptive testing

Adaptive Testing and NCLB

The No Child Left Behind Act is an important piece of US legislation…