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What is the two parameter IRT model (2PL)?

Item response theory is the predominant psychometric paradigm…

What is the three parameter IRT model (3PL)?

Item response theory (IRT) is an extremely powerful psychometric…

What is the classical item facility statistic in psychometrics?

Classical test theory is a century-old paradigm for psychometrics…

How can you implement an Angoff cutscore on a test scored with item response theory?

The modified-Angoff method is arguably the most common method…

What is linear on the fly testing?

Linear on the fly testing (LOFT) is an approach to delivering…
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What is the Hofstee method for setting cutscores?

Have you heard about standard setting approaches such as the…

What is the Spearman-Brown prediction formula?

The Spearman-Brown Prediction Formula, also known as the Spearman-Brown…

What can artificial intelligence and machine learning tell us about item banks?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become…
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7 Technology Hacks to Deliver Assessments More Securely

​So, yeah, the use of "hacks" in the title is definitely on…