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monte carlo simulation

What is monte carlo simulation in adaptive testing?

Simulation studies are an essential step in the development of…
Integrating Moodle with FastTest

Integrating Moodle with FastTest

The traditional Learning Management System (LMS) is designed…
Best Places to Work

2017 Best Places to Work

As we jump headfirst into 2018, we're reflecting on our successes…

What is the Sympson-Hetter Item Exposure Control?

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is a powerful paradigm for…
Computerized Testing

How Beyoncé Sold Me on Computerized Adaptive Testing

Desperation is seldom fun to see. Some years ago, having recently…
test delivery

How do I develop a Test Security Plan?

Since the first tests were developed 2000 years ago for entry…

The Standard Error of Measurement

The standard error of measurement is one of the core concepts…

The Standard Error of the Mean

The standard error of the mean is one of the three main standard…

The Story of the Three Standard Errors

One of my graduate school mentors once said in class that there…
validity threats psychometrics

What validity threats are relevant to psychometric forensics?

Validity, in its modern conceptualization, refers to evidence…