All Psychometric Models Are Wrong

The British statistician George Box is credited with the quote,…

Identifying and Dealing With Threats To Test Security

Test security is an increasingly important topic. There are several…

The Psychometrics of JRR Tolkien

Few people realize that deep in the heart of The Hobbit, Tolkien placed…

New version of CITAS released

The Classical Item and Test Analysis Spreadsheet (CITAS) is…
K-12 Assessment Trends

Top 3 K-12 Assessment Trends

Technavio recently released a market analysis on K-12 Assessment…
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ASC Presents at 2016 Conference on Test Security

ASC attended the 2016 Conference on Test Security (COTS), held…
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So, where does the "Opt Out" movement come from? You'd be surprised.

The "opt out" movement is a supposedly-grass-roots movement against…