Enhanced Technical Support

You called, we answered: Enhanced Technical Support options are now available for Administrators and Candidates

Assessment Systems is proud to introduce our robust team of Technical Support professionals offering 24/7 support— for you and your candidates— to make assistance available through phone, email, and our brand new online support hub.

This multilingual team can assist you with a myriad of questions, including:

  • Technical and logistical questions
  • High-level administrative functionality in your workspace
  • Canceling and rescheduling exams
  • Negotiating with test sites
  • Troubleshooting technical issues with candidates

You and your candidates can contact Assessment Systems technical support through our online knowledge base, over the phone  or via email, at support@assess.com.

The Assessment Systems online support hub is a knowledge repository, for both administrators and candidates, containing tutorials, troubleshooting articles, software manuals, frequently-asked questions, and more. Do you think your question might be a common one? Search here for answers!

Tips for Contacting Support

DO include as much information as possible

Your name, the name of the test, candidate, item, or report you’d like help with, and any other identifying information are very useful to the support team. Listing all the pertinent facts up front will save you from unnecessary back-and-forth emailing with our team and get your issue solved faster.

DON’T  wait until the last minute with an urgent issue.

We understand when unexpected issues arise at inopportune times— that’s life. But if your test settings and proctoring solutions aren’t yet finalized before your big upcoming testing window, try letting us know in advance, giving everyone involved much more time to solve any issues that may arise.

DO  provide screenshots.

The bigger the better. If you see an error code, screenshot it and attach it to your support email. Include the address bar at the top of your screen to help our support team find your workspace and pinpoint your issue to try to reproduce it.

DON’T be afraid to loop in your account manager.

Go ahead and copy your account manager to your emails to support. It keeps everyone in the know so your issues can be solved as soon as possible and so that we at Assessment Systems can learn from your experiences and continue to improve our service.

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Allie Long

I am a content creator, storyteller, and technical support operations professional serving as a Marketing Specialist at Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC). I help tell the stories of those within our organization and industry who care about quality assessment. My mission is to facilitate the conversations that further the field of assessment and that help us all make the world’s assessments smarter, faster, and fairer. I learned the art of storytelling when I was trained as a journalist at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where I received my Masters in Mass Communication (MMC). I began work for Assessment Systems in 2017 on the Support and Engineering teams, assisting with remote technical support for our partners and their candidates. In that role, I developed a software manual and online support hub for administrators and candidates. My love for writing and passion for the ASC story earned me a spot on the marketing team for Assessment Systems, allowing me to tell our story every day in so many fun and exciting ways.