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CITAS - free item analysis with classical test theory
CITAS, the Classical Item and Test Analysis Spreadsheet, is a straightforward Excel Workbook that provides basic analysis of assessments for up to 50 items and 50 people, making it ideal for classroom use. It is available at no cost.
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Iteman 4 - Test and item analysis software with classical test theory
Iteman™ 4 represents the cutting edge in psychometric analysis software, giving you the power to create professional psychometric reports with the click of a mouse. Iteman™ 4 produces a comprehensive classical test theory analysis of your exam, including a quantile plot and detailed table of statistics for each item, but its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to novices and experts alike.
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TestAssembler - Automated test assembly for multiple forms with anchors
TestAssembler is a simple, effective tool for automated test assembly based on classical test theory (CTT) or item response theory (IRT), including anchor item blocks. It was designed with one purpose in mind: to save you time and money.
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