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DFIT 8 for Windows
DFIT 8 is a powerful Windows program to analyze differential item and test functioning utilizing the DFIT framework that evaluates the differences between item response functions. DFIT 8 allows you to compare item response theory curves for different subgroups.
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Lertap 5 - Classical item and test analysis with Microsoft Excel

Lertap 5 is a classical item, test, and survey analysis system that is based in Microsoft Excel. Recent updates include support for Excel/Office 2007 or Excel/Office 2010 and the functionality to import ITAP-formatted input files. Lertap 5 produces a variety of tabular reports and related graphics, including: quintile plots of distractor functioning, boxplots of group test scores, eigenvalue scree plot displays, score histograms, and scatterplots; statistics for mastery, licensing, and certification tests; test cheating; differential item functioning graphs and Mantel-Haenszel statistics; conditional standard errors of measurement and indices of classification consistency.

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