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CATSim - Computerized Adaptive Testing Simulation
Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is a sophisticated approach for delivering tests, surveys, and other measurements. It is based on complex computer algorithms that adapt the test to each examinee while also controlling for practical issues such as content distribution, item exposure, and test length. CATs have been shown to reduce test length by up to 90% without a loss of precision. However, to achieve such a reduction and make use of the advantages of CAT, it is absolutely essential that the CAT developer perform research studies to simulate the performance of CATs. CATSim is the only software program that completely fills this role.
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Xcalibre 4 - Software for IRT analysis and calibration
Xcalibre™ 4 represents the leading edge in software for item response theory (IRT) analysis of assessments. Xcalibre™ 4 calibrates your test using 4 dichotomous and 5 polytomous IRT models, and produces professional reports summarizing the analysis, complete with embedded graphics and tables. It also includes differential item functioning and IRT linking. Xcalibre™ 4 is the most user-friendly IRT software available, with a purely point-and-click interface - no programming code!
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