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Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC) is dedicated to providing powerful yet user-friendly software as well as expert psychometric consulting that enables your organization to enhance the validity and reliability of your test scores. Use this webstore to peruse and purchase our industry-leading software systems. If you have questions about your purchase, call +1 651-647-9220. Our webstore is independently validated as PCI compliant by TrustWave, ensuring top-notch security for credit card processing.

Featured products

Iteman 4 - Test and item analysis software with classical test theory
Iteman™ 4 represents the cutting edge in psychometric analysis software, giving you the power to create professional psychometric reports with the click of a mouse. Iteman™ 4 produces a comprehensive classical test theory analysis of your exam, including a quantile plot and detailed table of statistics for each item, but its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to novices and experts alike.
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Xcalibre 4 - Software for IRT analysis and calibration
Xcalibre™ 4 represents the leading edge in software for item response theory (IRT) analysis of assessments. Xcalibre™ 4 calibrates your test using 4 dichotomous and 5 polytomous IRT models, and produces professional reports summarizing the analysis, complete with embedded graphics and tables. It also includes differential item functioning and IRT linking. Xcalibre™ 4 is the most user-friendly IRT software available, with a purely point-and-click interface - no programming code!
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TestAssembler - Automated test assembly for multiple forms with anchors
TestAssembler is a simple, effective tool for automated test assembly based on classical test theory (CTT) or item response theory (IRT), including anchor item blocks. It was designed with one purpose in mind: to save you time and money.
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