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CITAS - free item analysis with classical test theory

CITAS is designed to be an easy-to-use classical analysis tool for small data sets, designed to provide a straightforward and FREE way for non-psychometricians to evaluate the quality of assessments. If you are using assessments but not evaluating their statistics, you have no way of knowing whether your test is reliable.

Simply type or paste your data into an Excel spreadsheet and the statistics populate in real time - no coding or "running" needed. But while simple to use, it still provides all the essential output, including: mean and SD of scores, reliability, SEM, item P values, item point-biserials, and distractor analysis.

CITAS is limited to 50 examinees and 50 dichotomous items. Also available in format, it provides the ideal tool for evaluating classroom assessments or learning basics of psychometric analysis - perfect for teachers, professors, and other educational professionals who do not have the time or the need for anything more powerful. For professional classical analysis programs, please see the Lertap and Iteman 4 pages.

Example Output

Download CITAS with the following links:
CITAS (Free version in Excel) Zip File (565 KB, zipped)
CITAS (Free version in Open Calc) Zip File (240 KB, zipped)
A white paper on the free version is available here.

NOTE: You do not need to add CITAS to the Web Cart to obtain a copy. Simply click the links above to download.