MDAC 2.1 - Download Confirmation

Because the quantity of downloads for Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.1 has far exceeded the downloads for FastTEST 2.0 and considering that only a fraction of FastTEST 2.0 users should need to install MDAC 2.1, please read the following information to confirm that you actually need to install MDAC 2.1 .

First of all, MDAC is a set of dll's and type libraries and has no visual interface. There is nothing that is on your Start Menu that you can click on to run it. Everything is done behind the scenes; you need to write your own program or macro code in order to use it.

MDAC is installed when the operating system is installed. Here is a list of the different versions that are installed with the different operating systems:

MDAC version 2.0 is installed with Windows 98
MDAC version 2.1 is installed with Windows 98SE
MDAC version 2.5 is installed with Windows ME
MDAC version 2.5 is installed with Windows 2000
MDAC version 2.7 is installed with Windows XP

How do you determine which version of MDAC you have installed on your computer? Although this is not the only file that is part of MDAC, one way is to check the
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OLE DB\msdadc.dll" file version. Use the following chart to determine the version of MDAC that you have installed:

MSDADC.DLL VersionMDAC version
1.10.2326.0MDAC 1.0 (OLE DB 1.1 SDK)
1.50.3004.0MDAC 1.5 (MSADC11) 1.5 (PDC)
1.50.3206.0MDAC 1.5 (IE 4.0 and 4.01)
1.50.3221.0MDAC 1.5 RTM
1.50.3401.0MDAC 1.5a (IE 4.01 SP1)
1.50.3506.00MDAC 1.5b (NT4.0 Option Pack 1)
1.50.9801.0MDAC 1.5c (IE 4.01 SP2)
2.00.3002.4MDAC 2.0 RTM
2.00.3002.23MDAC 2.0 SP1 / SP2
2.10.3513.0MDAC (SQL)
2.10.3711.2MDAC (IE 5)
2.10.3711.2MDAC (GA)
2.10.4202.0MDAC (GA) SP2
2.50.4403.12MDAC 2.5 RTM
2.51.5303.0MDAC 2.5 SP1
2.52.6019.0MDAC 2.5 SP2
2.60.6526.0MDAC 2.6 RTM
2.61.7326.0MDAC 2.6 SP1
2.70.7713.0MDAC 2.7 RTM
2.80.1022.0MDAC 2.8 RTM

In addition to this, upgrades to Internet Explorer, Service Packs and Windows Updates to the different operating systems can upgrade your version of MDAC.

Do not attempt to downgrade your version of MDAC! On Windows 2000 and Windows XP the installation will fail because the files are protected by the operating system and you may end up needing to re-install your operating system as the result of a failed attempt. Click here for details.

Note: Windows 95 users--ONLY Windows 95 users--need to install DCOM95 first before installing MDAC.

For curiosity seekers: learn all about MDAC and it's components.

If you still feel that you need to download MDAC version 2.1, please choose your operating system below to continue.

Windows 95

Windows NT 4.0

Windows 98

Windows 98SE

Windows ME

Windows 2000

Windows XP