Our Story

Assessment Systems was founded out of the University of Minnesota.  During the 1970s, the Psychometrics PhD program there was involved with the invention of computerized adaptive testing (CAT), supported by funding from the US government.  The director of the program, David Weiss, PhD, and his graduate student, David Vale, PhD, founded Assessment Systems to bring this innovative technology to the public.

Who We Are

Assessment Systems has been a trusted provider in computerized testing since its inception.  We exist to supply best-in-class software platforms and consulting services to support high-quality measurement in completely scalable solutions. Our fundamental goal is to make your tests better, and your assessment-related processes more efficient. This means that we develop assessment software with heavy input from PhD psychometricians and test development professionals at our partners.

Our Mission

The goal of Assessment Systems is to provide software and consulting services utilizing best practices in psychometrics, helping our clients to produce the best assessments possible, thereby providing the best information about people’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and traits. This allows better decisions to be made about people, or people to make decisions about themselves. Assessment is our profession, not just our business.