Around the World in 21 Days: Doing The Right Thing

Well, it has been an amazing trip so far. I have been able to get a lot of work done and look forward to continuing to work towards accomplishing all of the goals I set out on this adventure. Yesterday, I went to the Yas Marina Circuit (Formula 1) and drag race a 500 hp Camaro. Now I know there are a few of you out there thinking, they are letting him do what!? He can hardly drive a rental car without incident. Well, those of you who think that got lucky. We got some light rain showers in the drag strip that shut that down. So, they decided to fix that by giving me an even faster car for the F1 circuit (Mercedes AMG GT C), since I can do that safer with a damp track. Then it started pouring rain in Abu Dhabi! Really!  Just when they were going to give me a $140k car and an open race track. I think they was a conspiracy theory concocted by my co-workers to keep me out of fast cars! The good thing is I rescheduled, so you will get to know how this story ends.
All fun aside, this is an amazing place! It reminds me that life is about more than just things. It is about doing the right thing everyday alongside ‘ride or die’ friends and colleagues and having the opportunity to have amazing experiences.
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Chad Kinart

I am an assessment and certification professional with a focus on helping our partners implement best practices to make their testing programs stronger. I began my career as an Athletic Trainer, which led me to working for a decade at that field's Board of Certification, managing the development of an item bank system, many teams of subject matter experts, and several high-volume certification programs.
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