Helping Credentialing Organizations Increase ROI

Professional credentialing is a term that covers a wide range of assessment situations, including:

  • International high-stakes certifications (Example: Certified Widget Maker)
  • State-based licensure (Example: Licensed Marriage Therapist)
  • Internal training credentials (Example: Certified to operate Company XYZ’s MRI machine)
  • Assessment-based certificates (Example: Certified as having completed a training course)
  • Microcredentials (Example: WordPress skills).

Accordingly, credentialing organizations have a wide range of needs, often within a single organization.  For example, a single organization might have:

  • High-stakes certifications delivered in proctored exam centers
  • Assessment-based certificates delivered in classrooms
  • Assessment-based recertification done via remote (webcam) proctoring
  • Unproctored practice exams.

Our focus is to provide a single cloud-based platform that empowers you to run your entire credentialing organization by taking the power into your own hands: develop, publish, configure, and administrated all ranges of credentialing from one security system.  This is Certifior.  The prevailing approach in the credentialing industry is that you must hand over the reins to a vendor, and pay them handsomely to take care of everything for you.  We want to cut out that step and give you direct control!


Consulting services

In addition, we provide a wide range of consulting services.  This includes test development work like job analysis and Angoff studies as well as guidance through the process of Accreditation.