Around the World in 21 Days: Don’t Let Bad Tests Hurt Good People

This trip is going by quickly! I had a great week; I’ve been spending quality time with our key partner here in the Middle East. One of our core beliefs at Assessment Systems is that we don’t want bad tests to hurt good people. This week I assisted our key partner in running technical trials on their local test sites and on our system in order to make sure all candidates receive a world-class experience. I wish more testing organizations would take cues from our friends here in the Middle East; their attention to detail and process for rolling out their assessments is nothing short of world class!


As Thursday is the end of the work week here, I am getting ready to go into the weekend.  But the work does not stop! We have so many positive and exciting assessment updates coming up that I must power through and keep helping people create and deliver Smarter, Faster, and Fairer assessments!
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Chad Kinart

I am an assessment and certification professional with a focus on helping our partners implement best practices to make their testing programs stronger. I began my career as an Athletic Trainer, which led me to working for a decade at that field's Board of Certification, managing the development of an item bank system, many teams of subject matter experts, and several high-volume certification programs.
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